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Keynote - Julio Cesar Leite

Julio Cesar Leite

(11:30-12:30) "The Prevalence of Code Over Models: Turning it Around With Transparency"
Over the last ten years there has been an increasing shift in software production from plan-driven processes towards lean software processes. These lean processes are either based on agile strategies or in open source environments. One instance of this trend is the growing use of GitHub as a software construction platform. More and more, software developers are relying on text as representation and collaboration as a way of producing quality software. As such, the adoption of more abstract representations (model oriented), as the research community have been forecasting, is yet to happen. Taking a bias position, anchored on the concept of transparency as a quality, we look at the factors for the prevalence of code over models. We try to forecast possible ways to foster the use of models in software production. Our vision is based on bringing transparency to collaborative modeling.

Dr. Julio Cesar Leite is an Associate Professor in the Departamento de Informática at PUC-Rio. He is a founding member of the Brazilian Computer Society, a member of the IFIP 2.9 Working Group, and a holder of the IEEE Requirements Engineering Conference Lifetime Service Award. His research interests are in software requirements engineering with a particular emphasis on improving software transparency. The Requirements Engineering group at PUC-Rio has been developing new requirements techniques for improving transparency within the context of requirements evolution.

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